Health technology helps to simplify patient lives

The evolution of technology has reached a such a height where it is now a major part of everyday life for many individuals. Recent developments have impacted almost every industry, and are a huge dependence for the success of many large companies. The healthcare industry is continuously benefitting from efficiencies which technology creates for it. New research has the potential to improve patient care, as well as saving a number of financial costs. The health industry is rapidly adapting to new technologies, which help to simplify the lives of millions of people.


Making doctors more accessible for their patients

If you have ever tried calling for an appointment at your local GP’s office, you know how much of a nightmare it can be. With the assistance of mobile app technology, this is no longer necessary. Apps can give users the ability to search for local GPs and book appointments online, so there is no need for the dreaded phone call to the doctor’s office. The hassle-free process via apps will make doctors much more accessible for patients, as attempting to get an appointment is something that puts people off from visiting their GP.


Wearable devices are making people more aware of their health and fitness

Over the past few years, there has been an influx of new wearable health and fitness devices. One example is the highly popular Fitbit, which has 34.2% of the wearable health tech market and over 19 million registered users. If you are unfamiliar with Fitbit, it is a wearable tracker that measures steps taken, and combines it with user data to calculate distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed and activity duration and intensity. Users can then sync this into the mobile app to view progress reports and progress graphs. Apps have given people the ability to track their fitness and health on-the-go, including hydration levels, monitoring heart rates and also counting calories. These apps have made people more aware and encouraged many to start leading a healthier lifestyle.


Healthcare technology bridges the gap between patients and doctors

Innovative health technology has increased the connectivity between doctors and their patients. These new developments in technology have not only improved patient care through greater communications, but have saved financial costs through creating these efficiencies.


Improved communications saves lives

Developing apps for the healthcare industry not only improves communication between the doctors and patients, but also the communication between networks of doctors. Mobile apps are a platform for doctors to communicate, get advice and second opinions regarding particular cases. The improved communications have the potential to save lives with faster and more reliable diagnosis.


Health technology makes information more accessible

Health Information Technology (HIT) has made it possible to securely store important medical information and data online. HIT is very helpful in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, as it stores important clinical information about patients which can then be shared and transferred (where appropriate) to more doctors for improved patient outcomes.


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